Ravynfalir, or Ravie for short, lives in the North. They’re currently a freelancer in the creative arts, and loves to write and create stories and poems.

Inspiration may come in various shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it is seen through the beauty in every smile, or in every tear of those letting their emotion show, clear as day. Other times, the inspiration comes from the music they listen to, the books they read and the movies they watch. There might also be inspiration found in the darkest of times, through pain and shadows.

Right now, they’re trying to write down the beauty and struggles of life into words with the inspiration they’ve gained, so that others may see what they see and believe in.

They hope for peace and joy and laughter. For happiness and, most importantly, love in others heart. For kindness and humanity to keep us all safe: rich, poor, animal, nature, what does it matter? We all live in the same world.

They know it is difficult, and they know other people are going through dark times nobody else know about. Everyone does, at one point in life. They will therefore try their best to get a smile on that face, reading their stories. Because, even in the darkest of times, Darkness is the only thing that lets Stars shine.

With kind regards,


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