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Our ghost

In our dreams

we stand

alone or together

searching for our souls

Reaching at last

the land within

the Aether

Traveling vast along

these crooked roads

here on this land

We find our Ghost

~ Ravie

Scarlet Delight

Scarlet-filled might

Your crushed delight

Shadows are torn

And the fog returns

Cold, relentless

These eyes that sees

Are not even mine

~ Ravie

Live Light

To live without light

Swallowed by shadow

Haunted at night

Yet sought in daylight

This sweet caress

And scarlet-filled might

~ Ravie

Clouded Sight

Clouding our sight

Standing tall behind

A breath, so small

Two breaths chiming

Where did you go

To live without light

~ Ravie


Could not fight back

After all this time

Neither here nor there

How far shines the sun

When fog wraps around

Clouding our sight

~ Ravie

The Irony

The irony of it all

Their sweet caress

Into the void we fall

Would there be any less

A worth of night

Could not fight back

~ Ravie


What these horizons meet

Endless spirals scarred

Within the cold

The breath so warm

Building closer, shivering

Oh, the irony of it all

~ Ravie


The mountainous rain

Clearing it away

These painful tears

Fallen from the fears

That they may keep

What these horizons meet

~ Ravie

The Lamp

The lamp flickers

Shivering in the cold

The fog rises again

Traveling beyond here

What lies at the feet

The mountainous rain

~ Ravie


It smiled behind

Eyes following the path

An alley up ahead

Is there an end

The night falls down

Where the stars had gone

The lamp flickers

~ Ravie