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The Sun

A Day passes by The bright light up so high Far away, but still so close White, yellow, red, you decide The East at crack of Dawn In the South, sunlight warms the ground The West promises Dusk to life Makes way for Night’s light A day passes, you hear? Weeks, months, years A day […]

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The Moon

As the Night closes in Blossoms bows their heads Resting The silver Light above Making Darkness and Shadows Shiver Wishing all the monsters away Where they lie asleep under the bed in the closet up along rooftops Silent wishes, tears, smiles Dreams come out nearby Alone Let the Stars shine up For Darkness to form […]

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The Rain

Every time the rain drops It moves with Sun and Moon, around crops Runs with the mountains, the forest, the tides It rushes along but no one collides It dances with the happiest smile Till it hits the ground with style ~ Ravie

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