The Rain

Every time the rain drops

It moves with Sun and Moon, around crops

Runs with the mountains, the forest, the tides

It rushes along but no one collides

It dances with the happiest smile

Till it hits the ground with style

~ Ravie

I’m Back!

Sort of.. There is a lot going on right now, so I haven’t had the time to write anything. This is the reason why I haven’t published something else these past few weeks..

For those of you who have visited my website before, you might have noticed that something has changed. The first, and most important change made, is that the poems that I have written no longer is visible under a page called [Poetry]. This is because I have removed that page from the website. It’s not because I won’t write any poems anymore, but because they now will be found as blogposts that I will try to post regularly once a week until June. After that, well, who knows? ^^

There is also a [Home] page with some information, if you would like to know more ^^

Hope you have a great day/night, wherever you may live ^^

Hi There!

Nice of you to drop in! In here, you will find content like poems and short-stories.

Under the menu at the top of this page, you will find a site called [Poetry]. Here you will find all the poems I write and post. There will be new posts published regularly there, so make sure to check it from time to time, so you won’t miss anything new!

You will also find a site called [Short Stories]. Here you will see that each of the short-stories I publish will have their own site, under the main menu [Short Stories], but that does not mean there won’t be any updates, so make sure you check these sites as well! ^^

There is also a contact page, if you would like to get in touch with me, for any reasons from questions you want me to answer, to something you would like me to post, write a poem about, or make a story for ^^