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Hello everyone!!

Thank you all for visiting my site, despite the lack of content this year. I really appreciate it ^^ This has not been the best year for me, mentally. I was so afraid of posting, because a lot of my words became “too dark” or incomplete. That is why I didn’t wish to publish anything that I wrote..

However, I write this blog-post now to inform my readers; I’m still here, and there will be more content coming up. I’m currently working on the last edits for my latest short-story, and will publish it on 20/12. I may or may not publish some more poems beforehand.

I will also restart the new year in a fresh setting, and post new storyline-poems starting in January. I’m also planning to publish some random poems afterwards, as I have done in the past. Only more frequently.

Thank you for your patience,

Ravynfalir aka Ravie ^^

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