April Fools

The jokester

Having fun

Rolling around

Stirring trouble

Igniting sparks

Of joy

Of memories past

Let your inner child out

To play

~ Ravie

The Starry Path

The starry path

Giving way

To troubles

To adventure

May we travel

May we dance

Among memories

Long since erased


To live again

Sparked with joy

Lined with tears


~ Ravie


Like bubbles arise

The joy

Colours shimmering

Where do they go

As they dance


The starry path

~ Ravie


Beyond the skies

How do you see

The shine of the moon

Among the stars

So bright

Like bubbles arise

~ Ravie


For the flowers

That bloom so proud

And the light

That sparks our growth

Turning up

Beyond the skies

~ Ravie



Shimmering on blades

Like crystals

That they all crave

Trimming down

Giving way

For the flowers

~ Ravie


Grant my wish

Seek the phantom

Within a true night

Never here yet always there

When needed

They make me smile

~ Ravie

Chaotic tear

There is no chaos

Like this force

Of harmony

Quietly standing there



Being so very pure

My darling sweetheart

Why do you hide

Your tears?

~ Ravie

The beat

The rock skips

Each beat chaotic

This rhythm travels

Far, far away

And back again

Are you here yet?

~ Ravie

Silently here

Silent, it stays

Silent, it travels

The wind picks it up

The wave roars on top

The ground quakes

The flame sways

Neither here nor there

Yet all around

The silence breaks

Loud and clear

Cracks forming

Like webs of lightning

Dancing on the palm

Of sound’s embrace

~ Ravie