This is the start

Of something new



The sound of wonder

Flowing in the wind

So beautiful

~ Ravie


Smiling truthfully

Oh, such beauty

Leaving us

In awe

Of what we can do

With wonder

~ Ravie


So here we are

Glowing in the dark

As the sun shines through

The blossom sprout

~ Ravie


White feather

Swirling past you

Touching your cheek

Then landing softly

On your palm

~ Ravie

The road ahead

There we walk

As the stars shine above

As the sun light the road

Dancing with the wind



Like a fire

Burning your Soul

This is the start

~ Ravie


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Within sparkles

Lies the winter ground

The snow so cold

There is no way out

~ Ravie


What are we?

Is this why we live and die

Like seasons shift

Within sparkles

~ Ravie


Never alone

Still so painfully lonely

In ignorance

What are we?

~ Ravie


That we scream

There is too much to say

As we walk the flow

Never alone

~ Ravie