Shimmering on blades

Like crystals

That they all crave

Trimming down

Giving way

For the flowers

~ Ravie


Grant my wish

Seek the phantom

Within a true night

Never here yet always there

When needed

They make me smile

~ Ravie

Chaotic tear

There is no chaos

Like this force

Of harmony

Quietly standing there



Being so very pure

My darling sweetheart

Why do you hide

Your tears?

~ Ravie

The beat

The rock skips

Each beat chaotic

This rhythm travels

Far, far away

And back again

Are you here yet?

~ Ravie

Silently here

Silent, it stays

Silent, it travels

The wind picks it up

The wave roars on top

The ground quakes

The flame sways

Neither here nor there

Yet all around

The silence breaks

Loud and clear

Cracks forming

Like webs of lightning

Dancing on the palm

Of sound’s embrace

~ Ravie

Who we are


This rise of sorrow

Anger and pain

Joins along these heavy chains

Why, oh why

Are we not enough

As we are

As we stand tall

Our true self shine

Breaking loose at last

Shining brightly with no regrets

This is who we are

~ Ravie

My Valentine

This sweet sensation

Melting within

Longing for more

Piece by piece

Until there is no more

Bittersweet chocolate

In our bowl

~ Ravie

Dangerous Love

Here we are, standing on the edge

Wondering how this went too far

My darling, oh so sweet that you are

My world, as you dance to the evening stars

My light, as you smile with great joy

My breath, as you laugh like a rose glimmering after the rain

No beauty in the world may compare to what stands before me

Oh, how I wish to meet you, greet you, to be part of your time

Precious darling, may I call your name?

May I perhaps be so bold to ask you out?

Oh how wonderful that would be

How brave of me to ask, for I do not deserve being near you

I may claim your light for myself

I may claim your smile, forever gone

Oh why?

Why did you give one such as I a chance?

My world, my precious darling

Do not forgive me for this sin

When you awake

~ Ravie

New beginnings

As we walk this lonesome road

There may be troubles ahead

Some scary holes to fall down

Some fun adventures to explore

Is that a light up ahead?

A new beginning lies in wait

As we walk this colourful road

~ Ravie


Colours flowing through

Open windows

Closed doors

Falling leaves

Visiting your floor

~ Ravie