Dusty cosmos

Within the dusty cosmos

frozen in time

between dimensions, realms..

Look for your dreams!

~ Ravie 


One galaxy alone

to conquer time and space,

stars and planets,

within the dusty cosmos

~ Ravie

Imagination the 6th

What we can imagine

with our minds, our hearts, our souls;

It cannot remain

Within one galaxy alone

~ Ravie

Shimmering stars

Your dreams are sweet,

Shimmering like all the stars

above and beyond

what we can imagine

~ Ravie 

Moonsong; the fourth

Shine from the moon

Songs from ancient times

Dance along with new lullabies:

Your dreams are sweet

~ Ravie


To seize with your hands

The golden light

Silver spirits from winter

Shine from the moon

~ Ravie


The frost in the air

This fine light

Shining everywhere

To seize with your hands

~ Ravie


This crystal feel

The snow beneath

The frost in the air

~ Ravie



While they laugh

you wonder

what this is all for

While they talk

you listen

to their words

full of deception

While they smile

you think, you think

I think;

This is not what I need

~ Ravie




In our hearts

lies the deep truth

hidden away

from this cruel world


Infinite pain

filled with sorrow

our anger burns fiercely

with the willpower needed

to fight

~ Ravie