In our hearts

lies the deep truth

hidden away

from this cruel world


Infinite pain

filled with sorrow

our anger burns fiercely

with the willpower needed

to fight

~ Ravie

Trick or treat



knocking on the doors.



tricks played on the floors.

~ Ravie


In Memory

with kind words

and a gentle heart

you where there


a caring soul

a smile on your face

your songs whispered


your time was short

but the memories

will stay with me


~ Ravie


Fruity light, shining through

Yellow, red or blackish blue

Tell me now, and say it true

Are you hungry for more?


Snowing Grey

Look out the window

See all that snow?

The shades of grey

The ice that glows

Dust mixed with water

It falls again



It is to grey

It is to dark

Where is the light

When it’s all too


To breathe, to smile

To act like all is ok

To be tough, brave

To be strong enough


You bloom as much as them

Just in different colours

Between all those cracks

Shines the brightest gold

It lives within


~ Ravie

In black coat

The darkness of a starless night

The glowing eyes so clear

Whatever hides out there

Get up and run

For that shining light

Will tear your shadows in fear

~ Ravie

Frozen snow

It shines so bright

In the sunlight

All the colours collide

From a glorious white

To the coldest blue

Are you lucky perhaps

You will fall for it too

~ Ravie

1st Anniversary ^^

A year has passed

since the beginning

New friends will last

while we all sing


~ Ravie

Thank you for following me on this journey ^^ 
I`ll see you all again soon ^^


Crystals so clear

Sparkling in the windows

The night so bright

Snow reflecting outside

Jack Frost is playing

Winter is finally here

~ Ravie