Little pumpkin, lights above

Running around

With tricks that taste

So sweet

~ Ravie


It darkens as the light shine

Fear creeping near

Look up at the starry skies

~ Ravie

New updates!

It has been a while since I last published something on this website, but I didn’t have the opportunity to write as much as I wanted to, due to some difficulties in life.

I will start uploading again soon, so keep an eye out if you don’t want to miss it! ^^



The bright light up above

Showing hope and love every night

For those who fear darkness

~ Ravie


Sometimes you just got to remember;

you’re your own Kingdom

wandering in a world

full of adventures and treasures

~ Ravie

Late Bloomer

The little heads bows proudly

For the loving light given above

The blossoms starts to rise

She stares out in sorrow

As she watches them grow higher and brighter

Wondering when she fell down

~ Ravie


People say all kinds of words

When they are full of


Some are hurtful, some are lies

They do not define you

Nor what you understand

Be yourself, no matter what

And you will be


~ Ravie


You shine from the skies

As you light up my blackened soul

And gently kiss me goodnight

~ Ravie

Starlit Sky

The light flickers softly above

As you gaze the night sky in sorrow

The darkness overwhelming

I am screaming inside myself

As my head spins voices telling false stories

The truth begging behind

Running around in the dark

A gentle light follows us beneath our feet

From the stars above

As we start to remember

A starlit sky can only shine in darkness

The brightness protective

~ Ravie 


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