Mysteries from the unknown

trolling, tricking, pranking

leaving them in awe

Only those would know

~ Ravie


Behind a masquerade

laughter, smiles,

all the lies

mysteries from the unknown

~ Ravie


The truth?

Searching for the truth

hidden in the lies

from those fiery eyes

behind a masquerade

~ Ravie

Birds flying

There’s frost tomorrow.

the little birds whispered, 

stretching their wings, far and strong

searching for the truth.

~ Ravie

The future

The unknown future

a blessing and a curse

reading between lines, curves;

There’s frost tomorrow.

~ Ravie



Breathing life into hope and love,

to believe in miracles

that will lead us towards

the unknown future.

~ Ravie

Dreaming ^^

Look for your dreams!

They fly high above us,

soar through the endless battles,

breathing life into hope and love.

~ Ravie

Dusty cosmos

Within the dusty cosmos

frozen in time

between dimensions, realms..

Look for your dreams!

~ Ravie 


One galaxy alone

to conquer time and space,

stars and planets,

within the dusty cosmos

~ Ravie

Imagination the 6th

What we can imagine

with our minds, our hearts, our souls;

It cannot remain

Within one galaxy alone

~ Ravie